Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glassfish deployment issue: "Could not load any resource bundle by...."

While attempting to redeploy a web project to Glassfish the following error occurred:
"Could not load any resource bundle by"
When trying to restart the Glassfish domain it ran into errors and would not start.  After some troubleshooting the problem turned out to be with the Glassfish server not Glassfish or the project.  It turns out that a teammate ran into some problems while running updates on the Ubuntu server that was hosting Glassfish and that caused java to be temporarily uninstalled (which would obviously cause problems for the java application server).  After re-running the updates, rebooting, then re-running updates again (not sure if all of these steps were necessary) the  Glassfish domain was able to start and deployment of the project worked with no errors.